Coffee for Nespresso Capsules

Using Refillable Nespresso Capsules comes down to choosing the correct coffee


The benefits of ditching your nespresso capsules and using refillable capsules in your Nespresso coffee machine are obvious, but one of the issues that brings some nespreso capsule users unstuck is using the wrong coffee in their refillable capsules.


Nespresso have obviousley put a lot of time into finding the perfect coffee for their capsules, this is why they work so well.  If youw ant to reap the benifits of using refillable Nespresso capsules, we need to put a little buit of time into finding the correct coffee.  Any ground coffee from the supermarket will fit into your refillable capsules and work in your Nespresso capsule machine, however to get the best results there are a few rules to follow:


  • Choose a coffee with a full bodied flavour.  As we are using a smaller amount of coffee than you would find in a Nespresso capsule, this needs to be offset by using a stronger flavored coffee.
  • Select the right grind, ask your cafe for 'Turkish' grind of coffee
  • Fill the correct amount of coffee into your capsule, usually about 5.1 grams.  The best way to do this is to experiment and you will get the hang of it!  Use a teaspoon to scoop the ground coffee 
  • into your capsule, then gently use the spoon to compress or 'tamp' the coffee grind.  Then top it up to sit just above the rim and close the lid to tamp.
If you take the time to find the right coffee, in no time at all you will be enjoying fresh coffee at home without paying for expensive nespresso capsules.
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