• What sort of coffee should I use in my Refillable Nespresso Capsules?

When you are buying coffee from your local cafe or grinding your own beans at home, set the coffee grinder somewhere between 0.4-0.5mm.  This is slightly coarser than a standard espresso grind.  If your grind is finer than this, try filling the capsules loosley and do not tamp the coffee.  If your beans are a little too coarse, use some extra pressure when filling your capsule.

  • How much coffee should i add to my Capsules?
The answer is about 6-7 grams of ground coffee beans.  The best way to get a feel for how much coffee to add is to open up a genuine Nespresso capsule, and spoon the coffee into one of your refillable capsules.  This will act as a good guide on exactly how much of your own coffee to add to your own capsules.
  • Do your capsules fit Aldi Expressi Coffee machines?

Unfortunately our Refillable nespresso Capsules do not fit Aldi machines, however we are pleased to announce that we have started manufacturing Expressi compatible capsules.  Send us your email via the COntact Us page so we can let you know when they arrive

  • How long will my order take to arrive?

Australian orders are usually received within 2-7 working dayss.  Please allow up to 10 working days.  For more information, go to our Shipping and Returns section