Pre fill your Refillable Nespresso Capsules

There are many obvious benefits to using refillable Nespresso capsules which our customers see immediately, however one of the concerns we hear from prospective buyers is losing the convenience of Nespresso capsules.

The fact is that it is easy to fill a capsule in well under a minute, but if you are anything like me that extra minute of sleep in the morning sounds very attractive when the alarm goes off, so here is a simple solution to make sure you don’t lose the convenience of using Nespresso capsules in your Nespresso capsule machine.

The trick is to pre-fill your capsules at the beginning of the week and store them in an air tight container.  This is a very simple process which only takes a couple of minutes but it means you will have plenty of capsules ready to brew at coffee o’clock.

Once you have filled all of your capsules with fresh coffee, place them in an airtight container and store them in the fridge.  This will help to keep the flavour and freshness locked in.

I hope this simple tip will help you save time and realise that using refillable Nespresso capsules doesn’t necessarily mean you lose the convenience of your Nespresso capsule machine.

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