Whiskey Stones - Set of 9 White Whisky Stones

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Whiskey Stones - Set of 9 White Whisky Stones

Never allow ice to destroy your favourite whisky again, with whisky stones you can keep your drink ice cold without watering down or adding any unwanted flavours or aromas.  These stones are the perfect gift for the whisky drinking man in your life.  These stones can also be used on all types of spirits and wine which make them the ultimate accessory for your bar. 

  • Cool your beverage without watering down the flavours
  • No unwanted flavours or aromas
  • Never run out of ice again
  • Simple to use (instructions below)

This item contains:

9x White whisky stones

1x Black velvet pouch

Unlimited ice cold drinks



To clean your new whiskey stones, rinse in warm water before their first use.  Place in the freezer for at least four (4) hours.  For best results place 3 - 5 whiskey stones in a glass and pour your beverage on top of the icy cold stones.  To clean simply rinse in warm water, dry and place back in your freezer.